What Are the Best Types of Wood Used in Hardwood Flooring?

What Are the Best Types of Wood Used in Hardwood Flooring?

The sky is the limit perfecting your style with classic to modern, and rustic to refined selections of various types of wood species, texture, color, finish, trim and custom accents.

Gehrke’s Hardwood Flooring has an endless selection of sourced timber from quality mills. The most common types of wood we use for our clients are Red Oak, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Maple and Ash. We also suggest more exotic woods when considering specialty features. Wood types like Purple Heart, Wenge Wood and Walnut can be great choices for borders and inlays.

Specific wood types bring out the personality of your floors. Red Oak helps bring out the highlights, while White Oak helps establish the browner tones of the client’s chosen finish.

Maple is widely used in kitchens or high traffic areas for its durability. Maple is one of the hardest woods you can use for your floors. Ash is used for special combinations to blend with a lighter look that compliments the finish color. Pine is not as durable as Ash, but still has its place in creating something special for your home.  Pine is by far one of the softest woods out there used in low traffic areas. It can create a marred, trampled, or rustic look.

Take the time to consider all your options when designing your hardwood floors. The time is well worth the effort when you see what each wood type has to offer in creating the perfect style for your space.

As a retired corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, President Joseph Gehrke is steadfast in delivering top-quality work. Over the past 30 years, Joe has mastered the art and science of custom woodwork including intricate inlays, borders, corners, finishes and beautiful accents.

His promise is to offer every home greater style and elegance with high-quality custom hardwood floors, built to last from generation to generation.